What is the SMA?

The SMA is the trade association for stage managers, providing advocacy and support

What does that mean?

The SMA speaks up on behalf of stage managers, taking stage management issues to other bodies and organisations within the industry and beyond to find appropriate solutions
- to do your work to the highest possible standard: the SMA provides training, information resources, a quarterly magazine, advice and helplines, mentoring and career development
- to you as freelancer or employee around issues such as tax, contracts etc. as well as help finding work with the SMA's famous Freelist (updated every month since 1964), an exclusive deal with Spotlight for SMA members only, a 25%discount with Mandy.com and jobs advertised on the members' area of this website.

Can I join if I'm not a professional stage manager?

Yes you can:

  • if you're in full-time education, or an apprentice join us as a student
  • If you have graduated (or are about to graduate) from a technical theatre or stage management vocational course at one of these colleges join our Graduate fast track
  • if you work in any capacity other than stage manager backstage, join us as an Associate
  • if you are an amateur stage manager, join us as an Associate
  • if you're looking to move into professional stage management, join us as an Associate
  • if you're a producing theatre or theatre company, join us as a Producing Theatre
  • if you're a college, university, school or drama school, join us as a  College Course member
  • and if you would like to simply support stage managers and the SMA, please consider becoming a Friend

Are you a union like Equity?

No we're not, we are a trade association.
A union is quite a different legal entity. Equity is the union recognised by management associations as the one to negotiate minimum terms and conditions and salaries/fees for stage managers.
The SMA provides different services to those of Equity with whom we work closely on many issues.
Professional stage managers should consider joining both organisations for the benefits they offer. Both subscriptions can be offset against tax as a business expense!

What does a Stage Manager do and how can I get into Stage Management?

Follow the link below for all the details:
What is Stage Management?

How is the SMA financed?

The SMA has around 750+ members and is funded by their subscriptions, sales of various resources (e.g. Paper Props CDs, Washable stage 'SBLOOD), and some sponsorship.

How is the SMA run?

It is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, overseen by a Board of Directors which are normally elected from the membership of stage managers.
SMA Board of Directors
It has 3 part-time staff and is based in an offfice near London Bridge.
SMA Staff Members
We are a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee (England and Wales)