SMA at ABTT Theatre Show

This year SMA is again at Ally Pally for the ABTT Theatre Show. We are on Stand E63 so please pop by and say hello if you are coming along.

SMA have a great session on Maintaining firness alongside a busy lifestyle. Our sessions – run by Claudia Hodgson- Rodriguez – an ex SM now fitness and wellbeing adviser are non preacht and brilliantly helpful with tips on how to keep the most important pievce of kit you have- your body and health- in good condition

Claudias practical and helpful sessions are at 12 noon on both days of the show in teh Roman Bar demo room

We are also running our annual awards meeting, and also this year we will introduce our new mentoring scheme to members at the meeting as well. Industry leader, and co-chair of ABTT David Evans is giving our keynote speech this year and all members and attendees at the show are welcome to attend. This event is at 1245 on Thursday 23rd Jun in the Londesborough Room.

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Despite the rail issues lots of people are here and enjoying the show and seminars and meetings Please join us if you can.