SMA buddy scheme continues to support Members

SMA ‘s new buddy scheme for members ONLY is proving popular and very well received

Read The Stage report on this and our other work

Are you feeling a bit TOO isolated, missing the banter and gossip of work, or would just like a like-minded person to chat to once in a while, and maybe share some tips for keeping busy and safe? The new SMA Buddy Scheme is perfect for those missing work right now:   If you would like to be paired up with another member to check in with once in a while, then simply send us your name and phone number  (- and of course please confirm that you are happy for these to be passed on to another member). 
Then, when you hear from a buddy, sort out convenient times for calls and get chatting!!

SMA wishes to thank our many volunteers, board members and members, for their imaginative and unstinting support for colleagues at this difficult time, when all SMs are stepping up and supporting colleagues, the industry and the country in the finest tradition of stage management.