SMA office is open remotely. COVID-19 information is available under the Resources tab

Please Check Members’ Jobs Board regularly for new positions – Last updated 01/03/2021

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SMA office is open,  Following Government guidance staff are working remotely.   Please use  EMAIL  – it is the quickest way to reach us.  (Staff work part time, Andy M,T,Th Debbie M, W, F)

Wishing everyone a Happy and better 2021.

As is always the case, if you need to contact SMA urgently for advice or information over the festive period please email and include information about your enquiry and how we can get back to you (including phone number if possible), we will contact you as soon as we can.  Please note that the deadline for Blueforms for the February Freelist will be on Sunday 7th March at midnight– ; a reminder will go out to affected members on 3rd/4th March. 

SMA mobile  07485 059103     
Any letters sent by post will not be seen until all the restrictions are fully lifted. Please EMAIL your request)

If you haven’t received a reply and are expecting one from us

Please Check Spam Folder regularly to see if there are any messages that shouldn’t be there and mark them to move to your active folder. This will help the filter to learn which messages you really want to receive.

Other information about email:

  • Safe Sender List: The first thing to do is to use your email system’s ‘safe sender’ list (see guides here for Outlook. There is no such feature for Gmail but you can add contacts instead). This allows you to specify senders whose emails you always want to get through. Your Email system may have a different way of dealing with this therefore please refer to your Email provider’s guidance to ensure you receive the emails that you definitely want to see
  • Spam Filter Settings: Many email systems allow you to vary the spam filtering settings. You can choose how aggressive you want the settings to be, ranging from no filtering at all to a strong filter. The more aggressive the filter, the more chance there is of missing something you want.