Stand By for International Stage Management Day!

On Sunday 10th October (10/10/21) stage management colleagues around the world will join us in celebrating the beginning of live shows and events and the efforts of Stage Management around the world to return to work better this Autumn and combat new variants (the latest Covid variant to gain traction in the US is called ‘Mu’ and we are hoping that it won’t find a home here). 

In addition to sharing ‘our’ day with World Mental Health Day again this year (which is significant, considering the increased prevalence of mental health issues amongst workers in the arts) we are also using #SM192021 to recognise the new entrants to our work for whom the recent years have been especially tough going.  Despite intensive lobbying by ourselves and many other unions and associations in the UK the government refused to change the conditions for claiming SEISS. The precondition to have posted at least one tax return before being able to claim at all ruled out the majority of new entrants to work in 2020- even those who had worked and had been registered under UTR since 2019.   

In 2021 we are recognising the new entrants to our profession on International Stage Management Day with #SM192021  to encourage everyone to support our fantastic new stage managers.

We are also joining with SMA in the USA to make a great offer:

For 1 month from 4th October 2021 Stage Management Association will suspend all joining and rejoin fees for all new and rejoining members- in recognition of the tough time SMs have had over the past year and to mark the return to work this autumn. We hope that this will help many members (including early career stage managers) to join and get access to well paid jobs through our unique Freelist and jobs board .

The flags in the image below from the SMA International Cohort are chosen represent all the countries that the Cohort has for ambassadors, the countries that SMA members are known to be in, and countries that have, in the past, participated in previous videos that the Cohort and others have made
As you can see from the image below, and thanks largely to the work of Hope Rose Kelly and colleagues in the US Stage Managers Association, Stage Management Day is truly International now.  In the present climate it is great to reach out to colleagues around the world and support each other and our work to move forward together from the pandemic to hopefully more normal times.

If you are planning to use any video content to celebrate the Day please include our #stagemgrs21 tag, or let us know and we can share with colleagues in the US and around the world.  Our US colleagues also have this Facebook link:

Truly International!