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Informative SMA Brunch sessions are back on ZOOM!
Brunches are back!   
Now is the time! 
Members have been asking when we can have our say and get involved with plans for returning to work.  These meetings are designed to come up with practical responses that we can circulate – contributing to informed arrangements and confidence about the post lockdown work environment.

The  SMA ZOOM Brunch meetings are free lunchtime events (Wednesday 1245-1415) which address key issues for SMs in planning for return to work

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Thursday 24 September Zoom Brunch 1300-1430

New Brunch looks at the role of the ASM
‘The glue that holds the team together’; ‘the busiest design dept. member they never had ‘  ‘the SMs with most to lose and least to gain’; ‘factotum’, ‘crucial to the rehearsal process’
ASMs have had it as tough as anyone in the COVID crisis and new we rally round and answer their call to define the role.
Whether you are a seasoned and experienced ASM or a newbie CSM this Brunch is for you. We will bring together stage managers producers creative team members and student and graduate members to attempt to define the least defined role in stage management   
An ASM member has been thinking about her job recently, and has written a challenging question about the future of her chosen role:
As we look to return to work I would be interested in what managers (either backstage or producing) felt would be the role of the ASM? We are one of the less defined roles in production covering wherever and whatever is needed. Some prop and others are full time in the rehearsal room, other are a hybrid of the two. Once in the venue we generally have the best idea of where props, set and people are at any given moment. Do managers foresee a world where ASM’s are more in the rehearsal room, maybe keeping track of props and blocking behind the scenes to allow to a smooth transfer to the venue and managing a the safe arrival of props etc into the room or as an outside contact for propping etc and setting up the show but potentially not working it. I am never entirely sure if producers understand what an ASM does and only employ us to complete the required team size and provide a book cover. As a career ASM I am obviously invested in my own future but I am also aware that often the ASM is the youngest and least experienced member of the team. I worry that without some clear guidelines our newest members could find themselves with very unclear job descriptions.
It is a fascinating question.   


Previous Brunches below, Members can listen to the Brunch recordings ( details in the latest Agenda on Tuesday )

2nd September – SMA  Zoom Brunch #5
Working with colleagues to make it all happen.
   At the request of members we are inviting producers and other colleagues to join us to discuss best practice in working with our and government guidelines , to be Safe, Creative and Aware in our work,

26th August – SMA Zoom Meeting #4
Creative, safe and aware!
Perhaps the most important meeting of them all : presenting our guidance for rehearsals and production, and looking at how we make the case to colleagues and peers that there are creative ways to being safe.. 

19th August – SMA Zoom Meeting #3
Preparing SMA response and notes for return to work after COVID-19
Rehearsals and the issues around reblocking/ reworking  an existing show versus planning a new production. What support should SMs expect from the Producers when we return to work?   

5th August   SMA Zoom Meeting #2:  
‘Hands not Wands’: Stage Management Duties  
With all of the new requirements on companies due to COVID-19 how do stage management respond; how much will we be expected to take on?  What resources and training will we need to be ready for the challenges?
Missed it?   LInk to Listen to the recording

29th July SMA Zoom Meeting #1
 Barriers to production 
What are the barriers to making a post lockdown theatre show or indoor event commercially and creatively successful?  We identify some of the obstacles and draw on the experience of members and international SMs to be creative in overcoming them:  Missed it Watch the meeting recording

Kate Salberg Showcalling

Online Course

Kate is running  two showcalling workshops this month for stage management and other theatre colleagues.

Stage Management will be eligible for a big discount to allow them to take part in these excellent course run by Kate herself, and limited to 10 people per event.

Friday 18th September 11AM – 4.30PM

Tuesday 29th September 11AM – 4.30PM

Special Low Fee JUST £35.00

To Book: Contact Kate Salberg direct:
M:   Web:   07771 667652

NEW!  Coming soon: Udemy Course:



 are the most popular provider of health and safety qualifications in the UK. Developed by employers to deliver the skills required in real life.

NCRQ are the most popular provider of health and safety qualifications in the UK. Developed by employers to deliver the skills required in real life.

NCRQ Safety for Managers for free (there is a time limit for completing it for free)

First Aid Training Information British Red Cross’ online resource

SMA Training is aimed specifically at Stage Managers wishing to update or enhance their skills. Courses are open to both SMA Members and non-members.

SMA Professional and Graduate members automatically receive a discount on courses run directly by the SMA. Members may also apply for extra Training Support Vouchers.

All of the SMA-run courses lead to a certificate of achievement from the SMA, include course notes/materials and, if you are a Professional SMA Member, completion of many courses can be added to the TAP Card .

All SMA Courses and most others finish by 4.30pm to allow for evening show calls. Earlier times or one-to-one courses can sometimes be arranged.

Please register your interest in a course as soon as possible, to allow us to plan the logistics and confirm details as soon as possible.

Cueing to Music

Next dates: Cueing Music Course operate twice a year. In Spring 2020 we were able to run the CTM Level 1 which took place before the lockdown but sadly not CTM Level 2.  We plan to run this as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted

Level 1: TBC at The Albany Deptford London SE8

Level 2: TBC at The  Albany Deptford London SE8

please see below to register your interest and to be advised on when they will next be taking place

Corporate Showcalling Workshop

with Kate Salberg

Online Showcaller and 90 minute taster sessions (chargeable).

Kate is a freelance showcaller with 25 years experience and a previous career in theatre stage and company management in repertory, west end, & musicals.

She tells us:
Go to  for the online showcalling course.  I am offering a discount to anyone who attended the webinars and there is already an offer on there for theatre stage management.

My own website for reference is and linked in is

Here are Kate’s other offerings during this time.  (These are not free sessions but SMA Training Support Vouchers may be available for unwaged Contact SMA for more details)

Online showcaller Training full session £75:  5 hours in depth session to include a separate one hour one to one follow up on marking up the script.  The process is explained during the online session, carried out after the session and the follow up arranged a few days later. Maximum 5 people per session. Email to book.


TO ENQUIRE/  BOOK Please Contact Kate Direct

FREE seminar

RC-Annie Workshops


DATE: 8th November 10am to 5pm

LOCATION: Planned for ALRA THEATRE, Royal Victoria Patriotic Buildings, Wandsworth London

SW18 3SX. Limited parking available.

FOR: Performers, Stage managers and Technicians 

WHAT: A Face to Face blank firing handguns workshop




R C Annie  are offering 1 hour long, one to one sessions in their socially distanced office! The  HQ office AT the Oval.

Rc-Annie, Unit 2a, The Business Centre, 11 Mowll Street, London, SW9 6BG. We have parking available on site.

Or, if you prefer, online!

These sessions are catered to your needs and offer practical professional advice 

DATE: at a date to suit you

FOR: Stage Managers, Technicians and performers

WHAT: Private specialist 121 session on guns, weaponry and paperwork

Orchestral Stage Management with LSO

Dates expected in Autumn 2020 ( subject to Covid19 restrictions) – To register interest see below
More info (PDF)

Pyrotechnics for SMs

No dates at present

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Other courses

This training is not run by the SMA, but is likely to be of great interest to our members. Where courses are not free, SMA members receive a discount.