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Cueing to Music Level 2 ONLINE took place on Tues 24 Nov 2020

SMA and our course leader Andrew Killian ran a pilot course online for Cueing to Music Level 2

It was a new initiative for SMA.  Andrew has been teaching similar content to drama school groups via Zoom/Teams etc for nearly a year now, and the results have been very successful

We received some great feedback and expect that future courses will run others in 2021.


Initially would you please express interest in booking in a future online course please write to us under the heading I am still interested on CtM2 online .

Details of the Cueing to Music Advanced Course LEVEL 2 ONLINE

Course Aim                             To enable a potential DSM or Showcaller, one with basic musical knowledge and understanding, to cue from complex and problematic music scores with   confidence.

Course Objectives                   1.         To reinforce understanding of musical counting

and notation.

2.         To practice cueing from music with unusual time signatures.

3.         To simulate performance issues with a mixture of Musical Qs, visual Qs and clearances.

4.         To simulate a demanding music test at opera                                                           company level

Session A         Welcome. Housekeeping. Course Overview.

Session 1         Qing at a Standard


Session 2         Qing at speed

Session 3         Simulating a demanding opera company music test in

real time


SESSION B       Session 4         Where’s the Beat?

                                                Cueing from unusual and/or irregular rhythms

Session 5         Impossible Music


Session 6         Higher Stakes When you have to look away from the music…

Session 7         The Battle of Borodino .    


Informative SMA Brunch sessions on ZOOM!
Brunches on hold for now
We look forward to more in 2021!

Members have been asking when we can have our say and get involved with plans for returning to work.  These meetings are designed to come up with practical responses that we can circulate – contributing to informed arrangements and confidence about the post lockdown work environment.
Please look for further details in the emailed Agenda and on SMA social Media

Kate Salberg Showcalling

Online Course

Kate is running  her courses online at the moment

To Book: Contact Kate Salberg direct:
M:   Web:   07771 667652

NEW!  Coming soon: Udemy Course:



 are the most popular provider of health and safety qualifications in the UK. Developed by employers to deliver the skills required in real life.

NCRQ are the most popular provider of health and safety qualifications in the UK. Developed by employers to deliver the skills required in real life.

NCRQ Safety for Managers for free (there is a time limit for completing it for free)

First Aid Training Information British Red Cross’ online resource

SMA Training is aimed specifically at Stage Managers wishing to update or enhance their skills. Courses are open to both SMA Members and non-members.

SMA Professional and Graduate members automatically receive a discount on courses run directly by the SMA. Members may also apply for extra Training Support Vouchers.

All of the SMA-run courses lead to a certificate of achievement from the SMA, include course notes/materials and, if you are a Professional SMA Member, completion of many courses can be added to the TAP Card .

All SMA Courses and most others finish by 4.30pm to allow for evening show calls. Earlier times or one-to-one courses can sometimes be arranged.

Please register your interest in a course as soon as possible, to allow us to plan the logistics and confirm details as soon as possible.

Cueing to Music

Next dates: Cueing Music Course operate twice a year. In Spring 2020 we were able to run the CTM Level 1 which took place before the lockdown but sadly not CTM Level 2.  We plan to run this as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted

Level 1: TBC at The Albany Deptford London SE8

Level 2: TBC at The  Albany Deptford London SE8

please see below to register your interest and to be advised on when they will next be taking place

Corporate Showcalling Workshop

with Kate Salberg

Online Showcaller and 90 minute taster sessions (chargeable).

Kate is a freelance showcaller with 25 years experience and a previous career in theatre stage and company management in repertory, west end, & musicals.

She tells us:
Go to  for the online showcalling course.  I am offering a discount to anyone who attended the webinars and there is already an offer on there for theatre stage management.

My own website for reference is and linked in is

Here are Kate’s other offerings during this time.  (These are not free sessions but SMA Training Support Vouchers may be available for unwaged Contact SMA for more details)

Online showcaller Training full session £75:  5 hours in depth session to include a separate one hour one to one follow up on marking up the script.  The process is explained during the online session, carried out after the session and the follow up arranged a few days later. Maximum 5 people per session. Email to book.


TO ENQUIRE/  BOOK Please Contact Kate Direct

FREE seminar

RC-Annie Workshops for Stage Managers and Technicians 



How To Prepare for Intimate & Violent Moments

DATE: 13th of April 6.30 to 9.30pm

FOR: Stage Management, Theatre makers and performers.  

WHAT: How to build a safe complicit and supportive space for the creative process from preproduction stage to the last night.




11th of May 7pm to 9pm

Open to all: performers to film makers

Preparing for firearms in your production from production to the shoot

Paperwork, procedures and policies.




13th of May 7pm to 9pm

All the practical knowhow and requirements of working with firearms




DATE: 15th of March 7pm to 9pm

FOR: Online course for Stage Management, Technicians and performers 

WHAT: How to work safely both physically and legally with all types of theatrical handguns including paperwork and protocols.




DATE: 16th of March 7pm to 9pm

All the practical considerations and information to work safely



Also, RC Annie 121’s 

R C Annie  are offering 1 hour long, one to one sessions in their socially distanced office! The  HQ office AT the Oval.

Rc-Annie, Unit 2a, The Business Centre, 11 Mowll Street, London, SW9 6BG. We have parking available on site.

Or, if you prefer, online!

These sessions are catered to your needs and offer practical professional advice 

DATE: at a date to suit you

FOR: Stage Managers, Technicians and performers

WHAT: Private specialist 121 session on guns, weaponry and paperwork

Orchestral Stage Management with LSO

Dates expected in Autumn 2020 ( subject to Covid19 restrictions) – To register interest see below
More info (PDF)

ABTT Pyrotechnics Safety Awareness Course (One day CPD Course)

Generally run once a year at the ABTT Summer School at Warwick Arts Centre, usually around  July or August each year. Click here for further information 

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Please  complete the Survey on Survey Monkey with your specific course interest 

Due to a technical hitch, if you have completed the survey  between 19th November and 14th December 2020 then we would ask if you could please complete again as we cannot access the results  submitted within that period. Many Thanks

Please contact the SMA Office with any question (s) you may have about Training.

Other courses

This training is not run by the SMA, but is likely to be of great interest to our members. Where courses are not free, SMA members receive a discount.