Training Support Vouchers

In addition to Member discounts for all courses, the SMA now offers training support vouchers for our one-day Cueing to Music and Corporate Showcalling courses. This scheme is generously supported by GDS and The Theatrical Guild in more usual times, and is now offered by  SMA to provide some training places at only £30 per place.  (We may also be able to cover some travel costs if you need to travel more than 50 miles to attend the course).

Please take advantage of industry giving something back to hard working SMs, and remember no one else on the course or in the industry will know the price you paid!

To apply, please contact the SMA office. We will email you a Training Support Booking Form, which needs to be returned to us and will be reviewed. Any SMA member may apply but can only receive a voucher for a maximum of one course per calendar year.